Sunday, June 14, 2009

Today butternut squash, tomorrow guacamole

So, I've been trying food chaining with my son. Man, it's AWESOME!! I mean, really. Today, I made him butternut squash fries...and he LOVED them. So, that brings his veggies now to sweet potato, butternut squash, carrots, and peas. He has an aversion to touching gooey and mushy things. So, I'm making mashed cauliflower tomorrow...for play...not to eat. If he eats...then awesome!!
The first food item that I started with was bacon...then sliced deli ham..cooked....which I cut with scissors and told him it was bacon. Score, that opened him up to trying ham, turkey, and chicken. I've also been making turkey burgers which he thinks is chicken. It's going great.
So far he's tried everything! I'm going to have to expand my list of foods to get him to eat. I only do three at time. One meat. One veggie. Next on my list, hummus, sausage, (which, if sliced thinly, he will call it bacon...this kid loves his bacon, thanks Dad), and zucchini.
Good luck to me,Adriane.

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