Monday, February 23, 2009

Evals done.

Okay, so I haven't been blogging it up like I should, but so much is going on. So, here's a rundown of past events and things that have been on my mind.

First of all, we're finally done with all the testing on my son. Thank goodness. It was really getting tiring. Although, my son was having tons of fun, getting to new toys and having all the attention. We did the MRI, not fun, not fun at all. It was kind of funny though, when we walked into the room, the nurse told us that some children rage, only a few, so, we probably had nothing to worry about. His father and I just gave each other the look. It was going to be our son. Sure enough, 30 minutes later, who do we here number one son. He had ripped everything out. Needless to say every time he woke up, he raged. This lasted about an hour before the happy drunk toddler kicked in. Oh wait, did I say happy..that lasted about 15 minutes. Then he screamed for an hour and a half after that. Kicked the door, kicked me, kicked his father, and screamed some more. It was horrendous. Never again.

Then the imaginary birthday party. That was crap. First they have all these toys scattered around the room. He of course goes to the one that sings and lights up. He finally gets distracted by a rabbit that hops. So, the lady looks all excited because she thinks he's going to pet it and love on it. No, why would he do that. He learns how to make it hop and then watches hop off the table repeatedly. The bunny had to be hid for the remainder of the session and the light up pop up toy. Then, they do the bday party for the stuffed doll. The "birthday cake" is playdoh. He just sits there putting the candles in and out of the cake...over and over again. The lady tries to get him to feed the baby. He does not. Anyway, she video taped the whole thing, yes my son is very famous now. My husband immediately says "wow, he did really well." I gave him the "look" and explained to him that he did not play with one toy appropriately and that he started stimming on two. And my husband wonders why the neurologist thought he was on the spectrum.

So, then he had all the IQ testing. The doctors said that he had really improved since the last time they had seen him. He's been in therapy since he was 18mos. and he'll be three in March. So, I hope there is some improvement after 18 mos.

Anyway, so our money is quickly running out. I've been trying to get an ABA program that my husband and I can do at home. Also I've noticed that he's starting to fall behind on his play skills, so I need to start a program on floortime as well. Currently he's not in OT or Speech. So that will start again in September. I just want to get all this done before the summer starts!!

We're supposed to go to Singapore in July/Aug to visit my father, so I really need to get it together. I don't want a break in his therapy for too long. Also, his school is almost up!! So, I'm a little stressed on how I'm going to handle him and my daughter.

He can't be around her for more than 15 minutes without attacking her. I mean really attacking her, viciously. I don't tolerate it. It infuriates me, honestly. So, that will also have to be addressed. I might start sibling classes for them next month.

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  1. I love your blog - thanks for sharing your story. It is so hard having an Autistic kid. You are doing awesome.