Thursday, July 9, 2009

Folow-up DAN! doctor.

Okay, so today was the follow up. I have to say it went really well!! There wasn't too much going on except for an inflammation in his intestines, which we all kind of new because of the horrible diarrhea he had been having. He did show high levels of certain toxins, mainly arsenic (there were more, but that was the highest). That was all they found and his doctor said that it was probably caused by toxins in the food that he used to eat and he should be fine (you excrete it when you urinate).

I have to say that since we've gone, Kai has been talking up a storm. I mean sentences and answering questions. I don't know what exactly is doing it, but all these extra supplements isn't hurting. Not only that, honestly, he loves his vitamins. He asks for them every morning and night. "vitamins!vitamins!...mommy, vitamins please!" They must be making him feel better, or he wouldn't be so insistent on taking something that quite honestly makes me cringe. And yes, I've tried everything he's taken. I'm on the diet with him.

Having said that I thought perhaps a good idea to list the supplements he's taking and what it's for...primarily for my own use and also so I have a good reference for my own personal reference, should I need it one day.

So, this is what he prescribes all his patients.

Couple of minutes before breakfast and taken together
  • B-12
  • Lipoflow forte

During breakfast

  • IgG SD
  • Probiotic
  • Fish Oil
  • Minerals

At night

  • Calcium Magnesium Zinc

Follow up breakfast supplement (added 7/10/09)

  • DMG-125

****THE LIST*****

Calcium and Magnesium- Calcium is important for bones and with a child on a gf/cf/sf diet, it's important. Magnesium is important in methylation and sufation. the processes that correct heavy metal overload. sypmtoms of magnesium deficiency are depression or anxiety, comstipaiton, tics, spasms, and poor appetite. (Bock)

DMG-125-increases methylization. Facilitates toxins through the urine. (Bock)

Fish oil- rich in vitamin d, vitamin, a and essential fatty acids. Everyone should be taking this.

Methyl B-12-methylcobalamin--detoxifying heavy metals (Bock)

Vitamin/mineral-who doesn't need these?

Probiotics-healthy bacteria that promote good digestion and help control dysbiotic gut flora, such as candida (Bock)

Zinc-"no zinc no think" helps cognitive functioning. Zinc deficiency impairs digestion, methylation, and immune response. Often occurs because of GI dysfunction (Bock)

Well, that's all for now. We go back in three months. He also said that we would do one more hair and stool sample. After that, he would start taking some supplements away. You know, all this would have been done along time ago had our pediatrician just sent us to a gastroenterologist two years ago. Shame on them. It took us this would have been sooner, but hurricane season striked and unfortunately our appt coincided with Ike. Better late then never.

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